Quality No-Bake Precision Molds

CFM was one of the first foundries to utilize chemically bonded, No-Bake sand for both precision molds and cores. The physical properties of the molding sand are tested prior to introduction to the molding system.

Our sands must go through a number of tests for grain size, sheer strength, tensile strength, moisture, permeability, & scratch test hardness. New silica sand is introduced in the sand system to keep the molds & cores at peak performance. All the sand at CFM is sent through a GK vibramill for lump reduction. Once the lumps are reduced the sand is filtered with a Kice Multi-Aspirator to remove any fine sand & other contaminates to the sand system. Once the sand is conditioned it is introduced back into the mold & core lines.

The sand molds are checked for permeability and scratch hardness, a "Tensile Strength" pull test is conducted to determine the strength of the sand used to make the molds. Mold quality is a priority, assuring casting quality.

All of the molding machines are calibrated at the beginning of the work day. Daily L.O.I. tests are run on the sand from these machines to double check the precision of the molding system.